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Founded in 1767 during the reign of Louis VX, Coutanseaux Ainé is one of the most distinguished cognac houses in the world. Once the flagship of Maison Rouyet Guillet and official supplier to the Royal Court of Sweden, Coutanseaux has been revered throughout three centuries of cognac history. Unknown amongst the general public but adored by aficionados, Couteanseaux returned to the limelight in recent years, when a bottle from the 1767 vintage was found in a private cellar and sold at auction. Its eventual home was the Wellesley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London whose bid of 164,000 secured the prize. This ancient brandy, traversing centuries of European history achieved the highest ever price for a bottle of cognac. Today Coutanseaux only proposes the most exceptional brandies from Grand Champagne Cognac, sharing moments of history, pleasure and the highest degree of haute gastronomy.

Coutanseaux Ainé only offers Hors d’Age brandies from Grande Champagne with the youngest element being fourty years old. Each bottle is hand blown, and therefore one of a kind. The cognac itself is shade of burnt brown. The colours of Autumn dance in the glass and singed amber leaves spiral across surface once it reaches the glass. The nose is generously warm with cinnamon, ginger and cloves, complemented by the sweetness of prunes, cooked oranges acacia honey and hints of ancient forest oak. A hint of Eucalyptus teases youthfully, enticing the first sip. On the palate, the opening is that of a great wine with the power of oak and autumn berries yielding to acacia honey, ripe summer fruits and spices such as white pepper and cardamon. Cigar box, undergrowth and violets all delight and mystify the palate with an exquisite length.

Cognac Coutanseaux Aîné Hors d'Age in geschenkkist

€ 495,00
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Regio Frankrijk, Charentes

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