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After years of experience in the spirits industry, it was time to use our strengths and create a gin that would WOW everybody. With the idea to create something extraordinary using ingredients from all corners of the world, we set out to find the best products and flavours which would express our love for the sea.

With the fresh breeze of the ocean blowing through our minds, we wanted to craft a spirit that embodied the strong and complex character of the Seven Seas. But we knew that this alone would not be sufficient. Our gin had to be bold and vibrant but elegant at the same time. A gin that could serve as a strong heart for a cocktail but could also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Combining lots of knowledge and effort we tried over 40 different ingredients and recipes. After numerous variations and a lot of time spent at the kitchen table, we finally found the right combination of botanicals which captured the essence of our maritime passion. A harmonious balance was struck and Poseidon Gin set foot into the world.

Gin Poseidon Dry Gin

€ 37,50
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